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Kobalt is an American manufacturing company launched in 1998 and is known for its hand, mechanic, and power tools. They are known in the mechanic world mainly because of their product design policy which is of developing products for both professionals and for the individuals who want to do their tasks on their own. One if their specialization is designing Handy, cordless, and power mowers. Kobalt Lawn Mowers is an option for every other person who wants to perform a mowing task whether it be a professional or unskilled individual. Kobalt’s Mowers are extremely user friendly with a lot of qualified features. It is really easy to control and assembling the product requires no time. All you need to do is start the mower and pull back on the lever and you are ready to mow.


Kobalt 80V Cordless lawn Mower is one of the perfectly designed products that not only offer user-friendly and qualitative features but have considered an environmental factor as well, so all those users who don’t want to deal with gas guzzlers, irritating fuel smells, dripping petrol issues, etc can consider Kobalt 80V Lawn Mower as they run on two-batteries which offers good speed, zero-emission, a lot of torque, Push to start button, etc for 499$. Because of its two-batteries mowing can be prolonged for long hours as one battery could be charged while other is performing. Furthermore, the lever could be adjusted up to 7 different height positions, all you have to do is set the lever either up or down to the required position. The only issue that the owner of this mower could face is while mowing taller grass and while performing in the dark as it has no LED lights. Apart from this it is a high tech product by Kobalt that not only offers 3 in 1 mowing functions but an incredibly sharp blade, adjustable lever, and is very lightweight that required less effort and energy of the user.


Kobalt 40V Cordless Mower performs the same as of 80V series but is a bit down in performance. Similar to 80V cordless mower this mower also works on a dual battery system and has nearly no sound while performing. As the battery is half of the 80V cordless Mower, it offers a short period for mowing and also doesn’t include battery level indicators for keeping track of the battery due to which it might stop in between the work leaving the user blank. Furthermore one has to be careful with their target while mowing because if the grass to be mowed is thick there will be a huge burden on the motor and blades need to perform harder and fast, which will, as a result, drain the battery fast.  This self-propelled version of Kobalt’s mower is a perfect fit for mowing your lawns weekly but if you exceed than you need to cut half of the tops to have smooth cutting and maximize results of this mower. Hence this mower is only suitable for small lawns or land of about ¼ acre with a price of about 379$.


Summing up all Kobalt’s Lawn Mowers are considerably good for small to medium lawns as well as for light grass. But if we speak about the cost than their performance doesn’t surpass their price. Although there is a huge improvement in battery life, cutting, mowing and infrastructure of mowers if compared to older models, but at a price range of about 379$ to almost 500 $, many high performing and better Lawn Mowers could be bought that doesn’t only offers reasonable price but also covers large areas and has long term performing period that is double of what Kobalt’s Lawn Mowers offer.


Lawn Mowers & Tractors


Almost every other person in this world dreams to have a beautiful home. There are some who like to have a simple place with all necessities whereas on the other side there are some with big dreams and want to have a luxurious home. Everyone have their own taste, needs, lifestyle depending on the scale which they can afford. Whether it be a simple home or else a big luxurious home, every owner wishes to have a beautiful lawn or garden or at least a small green section that enhance overall beauty and face of their house. A lawn or garden not only enhance beauty of the house but also freshens air, cleans environment, good sight for eyes and holds many other environmental benefits. All these benefits greatly contribute to our health and yet can’t be ignored. But owning a lawn is not enough, in order to avail all healthy and environmental benefits owner needs to take proper care of their lawns. They should have a proper cleaning system or a plan through which they can maintain and take good care of their lawns. Initially the process of cleaning and maintaining lawns and gardens was very difficult, as manual procedures were adopted where a gardener used to take care of the lawn with either lawn tractors or other manual tools. This method was somehow satisfying needs but was not giving optimal solution. With the development of technology many alternative solutions are available now, which not only gives optimal and maximum results but also minimize human labor and time. One among these inventions and one of the best solution for mowing lawns is zero turn mower, which is a four wheeler machine designed to mow grass, lawns, flat fields or flat open spaces.


Zero Turn mower was actually invented in 1964 by John Regier and then later on it was launched by several other manufacturers. It was not very common those days as it is now. But as the technical and mechanical field has vast its ground, more and more impressive functionality has been introduced in zero turn mowers due to which there is a massive increase in its demand. This invention is known as zero turn mower mainly because of its turning radius which is only of zero inches. Zero turn mowers are mostly designed with four wheels along with two swiveling wheels out front with an addition to two large driving wheels at back. These lawn mowers holds moving deck in front of the machine, instead of having it underneath like traditional lawn tractors. These machines can be controlled in either ways i.e. by riding on them, by standing on them or simply by walking behind them and controlling it in front. Zero turn mowers are known for their maneuverability and speed, as they helps to mow lawn in half the time, which means that within few hours your lawn will be mowed thus eliminating the need to change fuel again and again. Furthermore few hours also lessens maintenance time of the mower. Although zero turn mowers are bit expensive than lawn tractors but their functionality and offered features surpass this factor. But if someone is a beginner and looking to have a best quality zero turn mowers yet at affordable prices, they can choose among below discussed options, as they all ranges under 3000 dollars and are easily controllable.


If someone wishes to have an incredible zero turn mower with promising power pack features yet at affordable price then Husqvarna Z25R zero-turn mower is the best option to go for. This fine model by Husqvarna is designed with impressive high quality cutting edges and holds creative features that maximize your experience of mowing lawns. This mower is very powerful and durable that not only last for years but also helps you to work efficiently in no time. Furthermore this mower is equipped with powerful steel cutting deck of 54” inches and is able to carry weight of about 2 pounds. It’s remarkable high speed feature is mainly because of its extremely reliable Kohler engine which is of 26 HP and supports speed up to 6.5 MPH. In addition to all these, this zero turn mower has automatic brake system, that activates and deactivates inward and outward motion of the steering levers automatically. Its air induction mowing technology helps the mower to draw air from the top and bottom of the deck smoothly that supports grass lift and results in superior cut. Overall this mower is ready to start mower that comes with all built in functions and requires no user input while starting initially. Husqvarna Z25R Zero Turn Mower is a best investment for long term plan as it requires no maintenance and has promising durability along with other qualitative features at an affordable price of about 2899.95 dollars. It is recommended for every other owner who owns quite few feet of ground, lawns or even few square meters.


As the name refers, this finely developed zero turn mower by ARIEN company is designed mainly for residential mowing purposes. It is a best buy for mowing home lawns, small garden areas etc. ARIEN zoom 34 residential zero turn mower is 34” inch highly compatible zero turn mower for mowing small to medium sized lawns. This mower despite of its small size offers splendid mowing features which includes its excellent cutting blades that offers superior cut and supports cutting height from 1.4 to 4.5. It works on Kohler engine of 19 HP and supports 6 mph forward direction speed and 3 mph reverse direction. Though this mower is precisely designed for small to medium sized lawns, its fuel tank’s capacity is only up to 7.5 liters , which is not bad for its offering. In addition to all these this zero turn mower comes with various accessories that enhance owner experience of mowing their lawns. The infrastructure itself is so pleasing and relaxing, as it is equipped with 18’ elevated back seat with and addition to arm rest kit that enhance level of comfort of the rider. The mower comes with a 12 gauge steel deck as well that is foot operated. This zero turn mower also has an option of adding non-powered 2-bucket bagger which will eliminates frequently stopping of the machine while mowing, as these bagger uses 2 different sections to collect grass clippings that saves a lot of time. This machine is no doubt a small mower and has precise use but at a standard price of just 2599$ this is one of the most suitable options for those who are looking forward to have a qualitative mowing tool at affordable price, as it is equipped with all standard features that a zero turn mower of this price range holds, apart from mowing large grounds or yards.


Another yet tremendous model of Zero Turn Mower by Arien is ARIEN 42 ZOOM 915213 RESIDENTIAL ZERO TURN MOWER that is not only best for your residential and small to midsized lawns but also supports mowing on slopped and landscaped areas as well. This model by Arien is 440-pound with Hydro-Gear EZT transaxle drive system. It comes with a 12-gauge heavy duty compact deck that allows to cut through narrow portions by maximizing airflow that accurately cuts the grass as needed, Moreover this machine supports 7 different cutting positions which are easily adjustable and could be controlled easily by foot operated deck lift. It’s Kohler 6600-V twin engine has a fuel capacity of about 7.5 liters which helps the machine to march for about 3 to 6 miles in an hour. With the support of twin engines, this mower quickly mow lawns and small ground as it cut 42-inch swath on a single pass. Apart from all these features this mower offers multiple features that are designed mainly for the comfort of the driver. For example its high padded perfectly fitting livable seat gives premium comfort to the driver and ease all tension in muscles while mowing. In an addition to a comfortable seat this mower also offers 3- way adjustable arm rest panel which cannot be ignored . Summing up all this mower offers lot more features if compared to similar mowers at a standard price of $2899. This mower not only helps to mow terrain and slopped surfaces easily but also gives a lot of comfort to the driver by working efficiently. Its power pack features in line with its amazing price is increasing its demand in the market mostly for residential purposes. SNAPPER 360 Z ZERO TURN MOWER Snapper 360 Z zero turn mower is designed incredibly in commercial manner. This commercially inspired mower is all in one mower that not only supports cutting grass or mowing but also haul dirt, transfer your minor weighted tools, carry flowers etc. This mower comes in red color thick walled axle and holds fully welded steel frame with a durable fabricated steel mower deck, that is suitable for heavy load. It also has foot operated height-of-cut feature that allows mower to lift and adjust the deck easily between 1.5 to 4.5 inches. Its New compact deck feature is a star of the mower as it collects garbage and clippings in two easy to empty bags. This mower has a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine that has capacity of 3 gallons of fuel and is fully integrated. The maintenance of the mower is also not a big issue as all maintenance points are easily accessible. Overall if someone needs to experience power pack mower and multiple cutting adjustments at one place that too at reasonable price then Snapper 360 Z zero turn mower is highly recommended, as this investment of about 2549.00 Dollars will surely not make you regret your decision but will instead enhance your experience of mowing your lawn more incredibly.


Craftsman company holds a remarkable name in mechanical industry and it would not be wrong to say that with their on-going inventions and offered products, they are becoming number one choice of every other person. It is because of their product’s quality and promising features that they are leading in the market for years. One among these qualitative products by Craftsman manufacturers is Craftsman Z650 zero turn mower which in undoubtedly one of the best zero turn mower in the market under 3000 $. This tremendously designed zero turn mower is fully packed with fantastic 54 inch cutting deck that could cut, trim and clip a large swath of grass in a single round. It comes with ready to start features that minimize user effort for setting up its parts initially. It works on powerful 24 HP Briggs and Stratton Platinum gold twin-cylinder engine that is capable to support mowing for longer hours. One of the remarkable feature of this zero turn mower is its dual hydro-gear EZT drive system that consists of two levers that could be easily controlled. Furthermore like above discussed mowers this mower also offers highly comfortable back cushioned seat to maximize rider’s comfort while mowing. Taking everything into account Craftsman Z560 Mower is a great buy especially for those having large lawn. If someone is looking to have an optimal and quick solution to mow their ground in no time and at the same time want to avail something that is easily controllable then this mower is highly recommended.


Zero turn mowers are becoming quite famous because of their incredible features and offerings but on the other hand owning a riding mower is a bit costly. One of the most common mistake that is surpassing in almost every industry is that users are going for solutions to their problems and buying over priced gadgets that are really complicated for beginners and as a result they fail to take its maximum benefit and switch to other solution, which as a result not only waste money but time as well. Since riding mowers especially zero turn mowers are really expensive, it is strongly recommended that initially one should not go for a top notch machine that is overly priced and offers extremely advanced features that required proper training and care, but instead should go for an alternative solution which is of buying a mower that you can actually use without any training, a machine that not sits in the garage of your house because of its extremely high price and complicated features but instead go for a mower that mows occasionally in your yard giving incredible value of your money. All above discussed mowers provides splendid features and are easily controllable, and are one of the best zero turn mowers under 3000 $. So if someone is new in Mowing world and want to experience maximum value of their investment then above discussed mowers are highly recommended.

Lawn Mowers & Tractors



If you are an owner of a plain lawn or flat terrain than the task of mowing is quite easy. Because of the progressing mechanical industry, we have got a variety of options that makes this task quite easily in no time without requiring much effort of the user. Mowers, tractors, trimmers are some examples of developed tools that are widely used to perform mowing, mulching, cutting, casting, and many similar tasks with ease. But the case is not the same for all individuals. If you are an owner of a residential lawn or owns an even land or yard, then this open and ready to use machines could be bought without paying much attention as compared to the owners who own uneven land, sloppy yards or properties on hilly areas and wished to mow them frequently. Such owners need to pay proper attention not only to the cutting, casting, and overall specifications of the mower while buying but also to the quality and type of the tires that mower is equipped with. One of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a mower for sloppy or hilly areas is the tires of the mower. The tires of the mower ensure the stability of the mower in hilly areas. They are the reason behind the strong grip that mowers hold while performing on hilly, steep inclined areas and also the reason behind the mishaps and serious accidents that occur because of losing control of the mower. Therefore tires of the mowers should have proper traction which should be double checked before going on wet, uneven, or sloppy surfaces. To resolve the issue, some of the best riding mower tires for hill areas are discussed below that will help in the selection of appropriate tires:-


One of the features of best mowing tires for hills is that they will give the rider an excellent control of the mower on sloppy and inclined terrains. Maxthon tires are one among that not only offers a powerful grip on uneven land but could easily carry a load of about 400 LBs quite easily on these sloppy surfaces. These tires come are compatible with medium to heavy mowers and could be assembled with ease. With a maximum width of 4.6 inches and a diameter of about 13×5.006 inch these incredible ready to install tires are highly recommended for hilly surfaces.


Perfect control and strong grip are the attributes that most of the individuals look for while buying mowers for hilly areas. OTR tires offer both in the most incredible way possible at a price range of 112$. The pair is designed considering all the needs of consumers and comes with a revolutionized rubber technology that is resistant to vibration. Furthermore, Zero T tires can carry heavy loads with ease and could adjust the speed from slow to medium and then high which is suitable without consuming more oil.


If you are looking for the best pneumatic tires that offer a strong grip and control over hills than you should stop your research and switch to MOWKU Tubeless tires. These 16x650x8 “ tires incorporate 4 ply that enhances the durability of the tires. Although they are developed and assembled in China the quality and performance they offer are great. They are easy to install and replace and offer excellent features at a reasonable price of 79 $.