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If you are an owner of a plain lawn or flat terrain than the task of mowing is quite easy. Because of the progressing mechanical industry, we have got a variety of options that makes this task quite easily in no time without requiring much effort of the user. Mowers, tractors, trimmers are some examples of developed tools that are widely used to perform mowing, mulching, cutting, casting, and many similar tasks with ease. But the case is not the same for all individuals. If you are an owner of a residential lawn or owns an even land or yard, then this open and ready to use machines could be bought without paying much attention as compared to the owners who own uneven land, sloppy yards or properties on hilly areas and wished to mow them frequently. Such owners need to pay proper attention not only to the cutting, casting, and overall specifications of the mower while buying but also to the quality and type of the tires that mower is equipped with. One of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a mower for sloppy or hilly areas is the tires of the mower. The tires of the mower ensure the stability of the mower in hilly areas. They are the reason behind the strong grip that mowers hold while performing on hilly, steep inclined areas and also the reason behind the mishaps and serious accidents that occur because of losing control of the mower. Therefore tires of the mowers should have proper traction which should be double checked before going on wet, uneven, or sloppy surfaces. To resolve the issue, some of the best riding mower tires for hill areas are discussed below that will help in the selection of appropriate tires:-


One of the features of best mowing tires for hills is that they will give the rider an excellent control of the mower on sloppy and inclined terrains. Maxthon tires are one among that not only offers a powerful grip on uneven land but could easily carry a load of about 400 LBs quite easily on these sloppy surfaces. These tires come are compatible with medium to heavy mowers and could be assembled with ease. With a maximum width of 4.6 inches and a diameter of about 13×5.006 inch these incredible ready to install tires are highly recommended for hilly surfaces.


Perfect control and strong grip are the attributes that most of the individuals look for while buying mowers for hilly areas. OTR tires offer both in the most incredible way possible at a price range of 112$. The pair is designed considering all the needs of consumers and comes with a revolutionized rubber technology that is resistant to vibration. Furthermore, Zero T tires can carry heavy loads with ease and could adjust the speed from slow to medium and then high which is suitable without consuming more oil.


If you are looking for the best pneumatic tires that offer a strong grip and control over hills than you should stop your research and switch to MOWKU Tubeless tires. These 16x650x8 “ tires incorporate 4 ply that enhances the durability of the tires. Although they are developed and assembled in China the quality and performance they offer are great. They are easy to install and replace and offer excellent features at a reasonable price of 79 $.


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