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HONDA HRX 217 company holds a prestigious name in the manufacturing industry. Whether it be their automobiles or power sports line , their Jets or Marines, or it be their power equipments production line, they never fails to amaze their consumers with their qualitative and high-tech products. Although all areas of production are worth to talk about, but in this article we will mainly focus on one of their amazing product from Power equipments line .i.e. HONDA HRX217 Self Propelled Mower.


 Honda HRX217 is a self propelled lawn mower that incorporates all high tech and advanced features of HONDA technology and is also equipped with all built in safety features that company offers in almost all of their products. This self propelled mower will not only give you experience of cutting , mulching and bagging grass or debris like all other standard lawn mowers but in addition to all these this mower is capable of shredding leaves and bushes as well mainly because of its twin blade cutting system. This fine invention by the prestigious manufacturer is one of the premium residential model to feature the brand new GCV200 engine that delivers 10 times more energy saving option , easy oil change, superior performance, easy maintenance and more torque. This newly developed model of mower gives 100 percent customer satisfaction as with this mower consumer can experience high quality cut and could turn totally rugged lawn of grass into carpet like smooth surface. Overall Honda HRX217 Lawn Mower incorporates all the features that an individual look for while buying a good quality walk behind mower. Some of its impressive offering are as follows:-


It will not be wrong to say that with this mower one can have best cutting experience than any other mower, as it have variety of offerings that makes the work more interesting, easy and gives impressive output. With HRX217 one can have 4 in 1 cutting functions so the user can switch between mulching, leaf shredding, bagging or rear discharge options. Furthermore user can switch between these options with an ease as this switching option is a built in function so there is no need of having additional tools, accessories or any other attachment. Another remarkable feature of HRX217 is that it comprises of HONDA’S unique Versamow System that comes in the form of a knob named as clip director that is placed on a sliding door beneath deck. This director allows the user to have total control of how much of the grass will be mulched, bagged or clipped by offering full bag mode, middle notches and full mulch mode. In the first mode bag is fully opened so while mowing or cutting all the grass clippings goes into the bag, whereas in the middle notch the sliding door is slightly closed due to which some portion of the clipping comes into the bag whereas the remaining is mulched onto the ground. In the final mode the sliding door is completely closed so nothing will enter in the bag all the clipping will be mulched and directed to the ground. HONDA


Honda is the only manufacturer that offers twin blade system in their mowers with their newly launched Micro cut systems. This revolutionized system comprises of two extremely sharp and qualitative blades that cut the grass with more precision and mulch the lawn without clumping. With the twin blades system grass clipping is cut twice, once with the upper blade and then with the second one, due to which clippings is of extremely small size and consumes small place in the bag so more clipping or debris could be adjusted .Furthermore micro size clippings are greatly beneficial small sized clipping is more nutrient to the ground when mulched.


HONDA HRX217 offers 7 various height cutting positions so the user can switch between mowing heights and adjust the lever between .75 “ inches to 43.9” inches depending on lawn condition. Furthermore adjustment of height position is fairly simple mechanism as one can simply bend the metal or lever to the required height.


In all other standard Mowers the initial start and set up process is really complicated where one needs to go through several steps before the mower is ready to work. But with HRX217 Mower assembling is really quick and easy and with its auto choke system the need to strangle engine at initial start has also been eliminated as with the help of this revolutionized auto choke system user can have quick start and ready to go machine without all the hurdles of initial setup.


Due to its extremely high-tech features , offerings and impressive performance the cost of HRX217 is slightly high. For this high tech mower one needs to invest 679 $ which is a bit costly for some owners, but if we go through all the features and overall specifications of HRX217, the cost is totally worth. Although HRX217 offers great amount of benefits and has vast area of impressive features but still like any other product this Mower also comes with some pros and some drawbacks. Some of them are highlighted below:-


• Owner have full control of how much clippings will be mulched and bagged because of its Versamow System

• Offers 7 different Height adjustment functions

• Quick and Easy starting engine • Instantly stop the engine when flywheel break is pushed, avoiding any mishap


• Slightly heavy for most of the user

• Wheels are not durable as are made of plastic

• Overly priced for average homeowners


Summing up all HONDA HRX217 comprises of many versatile features and will accompany you for long period of time because of its durability. This Mower is not only easy to operate and maintain but also comes with 4 cutting options, seven different heights adjustments and extremely prevailing engine. Furthermore this innovative HONDA product offers high torque level that tackles all harsh jobs and offers clean and carpet like cut. Overall this mower is highly recommended but the only factor that make the owner stop for a second is its price. Even though it is one time investment and offers really good features but still price of about 600$ to 700$ is a bit high for a 21 inch wide mower.

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