Lawn Mowers & Tractors


Kobalt is an American manufacturing company launched in 1998 and is known for its hand, mechanic, and power tools. They are known in the mechanic world mainly because of their product design policy which is of developing products for both professionals and for the individuals who want to do their tasks on their own. One if their specialization is designing Handy, cordless, and power mowers. Kobalt Lawn Mowers is an option for every other person who wants to perform a mowing task whether it be a professional or unskilled individual. Kobalt’s Mowers are extremely user friendly with a lot of qualified features. It is really easy to control and assembling the product requires no time. All you need to do is start the mower and pull back on the lever and you are ready to mow.


Kobalt 80V Cordless lawn Mower is one of the perfectly designed products that not only offer user-friendly and qualitative features but have considered an environmental factor as well, so all those users who don’t want to deal with gas guzzlers, irritating fuel smells, dripping petrol issues, etc can consider Kobalt 80V Lawn Mower as they run on two-batteries which offers good speed, zero-emission, a lot of torque, Push to start button, etc for 499$. Because of its two-batteries mowing can be prolonged for long hours as one battery could be charged while other is performing. Furthermore, the lever could be adjusted up to 7 different height positions, all you have to do is set the lever either up or down to the required position. The only issue that the owner of this mower could face is while mowing taller grass and while performing in the dark as it has no LED lights. Apart from this it is a high tech product by Kobalt that not only offers 3 in 1 mowing functions but an incredibly sharp blade, adjustable lever, and is very lightweight that required less effort and energy of the user.


Kobalt 40V Cordless Mower performs the same as of 80V series but is a bit down in performance. Similar to 80V cordless mower this mower also works on a dual battery system and has nearly no sound while performing. As the battery is half of the 80V cordless Mower, it offers a short period for mowing and also doesn’t include battery level indicators for keeping track of the battery due to which it might stop in between the work leaving the user blank. Furthermore one has to be careful with their target while mowing because if the grass to be mowed is thick there will be a huge burden on the motor and blades need to perform harder and fast, which will, as a result, drain the battery fast.  This self-propelled version of Kobalt’s mower is a perfect fit for mowing your lawns weekly but if you exceed than you need to cut half of the tops to have smooth cutting and maximize results of this mower. Hence this mower is only suitable for small lawns or land of about ¼ acre with a price of about 379$.


Summing up all Kobalt’s Lawn Mowers are considerably good for small to medium lawns as well as for light grass. But if we speak about the cost than their performance doesn’t surpass their price. Although there is a huge improvement in battery life, cutting, mowing and infrastructure of mowers if compared to older models, but at a price range of about 379$ to almost 500 $, many high performing and better Lawn Mowers could be bought that doesn’t only offers reasonable price but also covers large areas and has long term performing period that is double of what Kobalt’s Lawn Mowers offer.