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To meet the excessive demand for lawnmowers, manufacturers are in an immense race of developing high-performance mowers that meet all user requirements and offer as many high-tech features possible. We have a variety of options available in the market for lawn mowers ranging from lithium-ion rechargeable battery mowers to mowers working with fuel. Each holds a specific set of specifications and comes with unique features that make the mowing quite easy and effective. Ryobi 40v Brushless motor mower is one of the motors that work on a lithium-ion battery. As the name says battery of this brushless mower is of 40 volts that not only power up your mower to give fast cutting and casting experience but also could recharge other compatible Ryobi tools like hedge trimmers etc. Furthermore, this 40 Volts lithium-ion battery recharged mower is the best replacement for gas emitting mowers. This 40 Volts battery allows the mower to continuously work for about 40 minutes.

Ryobi 40V brushless motor comprises of many high-tech features that make it highly durable and versatile machine so that it could easily cut branches of trees and plants, unnecessarily grown plants and heavy and tall grass with ease. Some of the features that trigger the event to buy this remarkable machine are as follows:-


Ryobi 40 Volts brushless mower offers 7 different height positions that are easily adjusted to the required heights with the help of the lever that is placed on the left side of the deck. The owner can easily adjust the cutting position to different heights between 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches. The process of using the height adjustment feature is quite easy. All you have to do is to adjust one lever that will move all four wheels of the mower up or down depending upon the height selected after which you can lock the position into a specified height. This feature allows the user to easily cut grass, tree branches,  bushes, clumping, etc that varies in height.


This amazing 20-inch machine could not only effortlessly move and work but also doesn’t consume a lot of space. It can easily be folded and stored in a stand-out position at any corner of the garage or any other suitable space. All you have to do is to use its telescopic handle that bends down and folds over the head of this classic brushless mower. One thing that needs consideration is that this mower comes with multiple sensors, so it proper amount of care should be taken while shutting down as if any of the components is not turned off properly sensors will start alarming. Furthermore, the batteries of this mower need to be taken out when turned off or before folding, as without them taken out mower cannot be folded.


As the name itself make it obvious, Ryobi 40V Mower is equipped with a brushless motor that is the backbone of this machine. This extremely powerful brushless mower not only allows the mower to perform efficiently and fast but also boost its performance as a result to which the mower can handle heavy duties and cut thick and tall grass in no time. It is only possible because of this powerful brushless motor that the mower has long-lasting performance and it acts the same as of gas-powered mowers.


As the main task of any mower is cutting, casting, mulching grass, one needs to pay proper attention to the blades of the mower as they are the ones responsible for the cutting performance of the mower. Ryobi 40V walk behind mower has a perfect set of blades that offers high-quality cutting. These blades are sharp enough to not only cut the grass but are also capable of cutting tree branches, bushes, small plants and can even perform smoothly without any stop on heavy surfaces and thick grass. Moreover the blades are also capable of mulching your yard, so if you are looking forward to it, you can easily grind the grass clippings and mulch them to the lawn adding extra nutrients to your land.


Ryobi 40V brushless mower is covered with yellow and black color plastic body that is very pleasing to eyes. The mower incorporates two separate compartments for its lithium-ion batteries which could be interchanged when one is drained out. Furthermore the mower comprises 4 light signals on its body that clearly gives the user idea about the status of the battery. With these LED signals of the battery, the user could not only keep track of the battery but could also have an idea about the Ttempreture of batteries, as if they are too hot or too cold, there will be no use of putting them on charge as they wont charge unless and until the temperature gets normal. Furthermore this mower is equipped with a high-quality brushless motor that makes no sound while mowing and because of its electric attribute there is no gas emission and polluted environment.

If this mower is compared to other mowers in the market, of the same power and price than it is way more effective and high performing mower. As other mowers at the same price of 339 $ do not do justice to their specifications as this mower is doing.


Ryobi 40V brushless mower is one of the best lightweight mowers that comes with a lithium-ion battery so the polluted environmental factor is already eliminated. Overall this walk behind mower is a worth choice because it comprises all the features that standard mower comprises off and further offers a lot more specifications that no other mower of the same price offers. This plastic body 50 pounds mower is a light weighted mower that could easily be folded and placed anywhere possible without requiring such space unlike heavy gas mowers. The mower is highly recommended as it will not only mow and mulch your lawn but is also compatible with recharging other Ryobi equipment. Summing up all Ryobi 40V brushless motor is the best choice to go for if someone is looking for sound free, lightweight high-performance motor but is also concerned about the amount of space it holds.