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John Deere D100-Review

JOHN DEERE a name that is quite known to all individuals that are related to agriculture, land, or related machinery in one way or another. This American based company holds a prestigious name in the mechanical field mainly because of its product quality, class, and high tech features. Till Date, John Deere Group has produced a variety of products, machinery, and other mechanical equipment that are very useful for agriculture, mowing, cultivation, and other related fields.

JOHN DEERE D100 John Deere D100 is one of the smallest size products designed by the manufacturers in 100 series which was first introduced in 2011. Other designed products like D110 and D120 are quite big if compared to this model. This small-sized tractor or in other word riding lawnmower is equipped with a single-cylinder Briggs and Stratton 31 engine that has a displacement of about 0.5 liters. Although it is considered small if compared to other tractors but for merely mowing purposes it serves as a heavy-duty lawn mower with a weight of about 440 pounds. This small tractor among other John Deere 100 series performs efficiently and gives excellent performance. Unlike zero-turn lawn mowers or other standard mowers, the cutting or mowing deck of this miniature is beneath instead of in front. John Deere D100 comes with a variety of incredible features that doubles its overall performance. Some of them are as follows:-


D100 JOHN DEERE D100 is although a small mowing tractor but if we talk about its durability and maintenance, it will greatly impress any user planning to get a standard tool for their lawn. D100 is a long-term investment, as it comes with a single one-piece strong and powerful frame made up of 12 gauge of steel. Its strong steel body can easily tackle with few knocks without having any effect on its green-colored steel body. Also the rusting and discoloration factor has no existence for this machine as the hood of D100 is made of UV resistant and has JD Loy Polymer. The steering John Deere D100 is light and smooth as it offers a very impressive and accurate rotary movement with ease. With all these attributes and bright green color the design of D100 is very pleasing to the eyes.


D100 will never disappoint you while mowing your yard. Because of its edge cutting system the owner gets superior quality clean-cut experience. D100 will change the look of your lawn from rugged to the carpet-cut in no time. John Deere D100 offers three in one mowing functions with which one cannot only clean-cut grass but also get a chance to either mulch or bag the clumping. All this is possible because of its 42 inches deck that is underneath the mowing tractor. The deck of this mower is a highlighting feature and is the main reason behind the demand for D 100.

This incredible head offers 13 different cutting heights positions so the user can easily switch between heights depending upon the area and grass he wishes to cut. This 42- inch cutting edge deck incorporates two blades of 42 inches, three blades of 48 inches, and additional three blades of 54 inches that are capable to perform all chores of your lawn quite impressively. This extremely durable and high-speed deck further enhances the performance of D100 by lifting the grass and distributing the clumping of the grass evenly which results in a clean and high-quality cut.


As mentioned above this product of John Deere is equipped with Briggs and Stratton 31 engines that make use of cartridge air cleaner. One of the best things about this cartridge is that it could be easily replaced with a fresh and clean one whenever required. Furthermore, this powerful engine is supported by a 12 Volts battery charged by a 9-ampere alternator. In general, this machine is powered with 1.4 liters of oil which transfers power to the wheels of the machine via DANA 4360 transaxle transmission. Although engine capacity and power are not huge if compared to other fellow models of John Deere group, for this specific model it’s a perfect fit. As it offers a maximum amount of power and torque that is needed by D100 to perform medium to heavy duties of mulching, mowing, or bagging.



• Offers superior quality 3 in 1 cutting, mulching and bagging functions • Offers 13 different cutting height positions
• Is capable to handle hard task
• Comes with a cartridge air cleaner that could easily be replaced
• Cleaning of this mowing tractor is quite easy


• Expensive than other mowing machines
• Emission of gas while performing and make a lot of noise
• Consumes a lot of space
• Twin-spindle causes issue


Taken all as a whole, it is concluded that JOHN DEERE D100 is an excellent mowing tool that comes with a variety of high tech features. Although it is really small in size if compared to its fellow tractors of John Deere 100 series, it has still managed to impress a great amount of audience with its incredible offerings and durability factor. It is found from the above discussion that this small model by John Deere is a perfect fit for residential duties and is also capable to handle load of landscaped and sloppy areas. Although the performance on hills is not very promising it still has average votes for the area.

It’s green colored solid framed body gives the owner satisfaction of its safety and stability and thus making this a long term investment. The only issue that is evident from the above issue about this machine is its price factor and storage. Although it is a small tractor as compared to other fellow tractors however for medium size, residential duties owners find it big and often keep D100 on choice being concerned about the space where it will be stored safely. If speaking about the price factor than it is truly a bit high if compared to other models, but it is because that every John Deere product undergoes a quality check that is conducted by factory trained technicians. The process includes a lot of steps like fuel level checking, choking engine, battery life examination, and many more. Considering the fact that, all the maintenance of your tool is already being done that too by qualified individuals, who ensure that the machine lasts longer and offers high-quality performance, the price of D100 is justified.