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Dewalt Mower Review

DEWALT manufacturers are in the mechanics’ industry for quite a few time and have offered a variety of outdoor tools to date. One of their habit of adopting the trend and instantly inventing a product line of that trend is a great highlight to their name. As we know that the trend of cordless mower is in the market for quite a few time. Dewalt manufacturers following their ritual also step in this trend with two cordless mowers which are 20V DEWALT Brushless Mower and 40V Brushless Mower. Although both works on the same principles but 40 V mower has a powerful and strong battery if compared to its fellow mower.


This product by Dewalt is a medium-sized walk behind mower that is a perfect fit for your residential duties. Dewalt 20V comes in yellow and black color steel interior and 20 inches deck. It performs on dual lithium-ion batteries. Since it works on batteries and a brushless motor the performance is great and work is done without any noise. Dewalt 20V dual batteries work side by side, which means that both need to be fully charged to start the mower. There is a LED signal light panel present on the mower that allows the user to keep track of the battery charge. Its brushless motor power up the mower to perform the task fast and quickly. Most of the task that includes light grass and small yards are covered in no time. The mower comprises of 3 built-in functions, which means that users cannot only mow the lawn but can also do mulching and bagging with ease. Dewalt  20 Volts mower is suitable for small to mediums sized lawns and other light residential duties as the battery life are not more than 40 minutes. This investment of about 350 $ is only recommended for small to medium duties.


Another identical mower by the Dewalt group is 40 Volts brushless mower that was released with its fellow 20V mower. Although both mowers comprise of same features there is a slight difference in the performance that puts them in separate categories. The mower offers 5 different height cutting positions ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Although the batteries are the same for both mowers as 20V mower uses 2 batteries of 20V which is 40V combined and this mower has a single battery of the same voltage, this mower is still superior in performance and result if compared. With an average battery of 40 volts this mower is capable of covering 5,400 square feet area in one charge. This fine invention by DEWALT comes with 10 inches rear wheel 7 inches front wheels which are covered with rubber stride to tackle harsh conditions. Furthermore, this mower could easily be lifted, folded, and stored anywhere without consuming much space mainly because of its small and lightweight figure. The price of this mower is mower is slightly high than 20 V mower.


DEWALT Mowers are trying their best to follow the ongoing trend with their remarkable inventions. Although Dewalt 2x20V and 40V mowers come with all standard features that a mower should incorporate, their runtime and battery life are not as promising and appealing as other mowers in the market at the same price.