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One of the best manual tool for mulching or enhancing your garden or lawn areas are mulching blades. This 3 in 1 blade will not only mulch your lawn but will also help you in discharging and bagging. Basically Mulching blades are all purpose blades that helps the individual to shred the grass into a form that eradicates the presence of grass clumps in the area. Furthermore mulching helps to return the required nutrients back into the soil. Apart from all these, another great benefit of mulching Blades is that they could be used and adjusted almost in any kind of mower, whether it be a heavy duty zero turn mower or a standard lawn mower. All you have to do is to place the mulching blade in the deck of the mower, adjust it and tight is to the extent that it fits properly. Although due the high demand there are variety of Mulching Blades available in the market, but one thing that should be considered is blade’s durability, as best mulching blades are those which holds easily accessible maintaining points and could be maintained easily with high stabilitylevel. Some of the best mulching blades are as follows:-


Oregon G3 blades are one of the most produced blades by Gator manufacturers because of their high demand. This incredible product comes in a suite comprising of 3 blades. They offers extremely high speed mowing experience with their sharp blades that can perform evenly on both wet and dry areas and could be easily adjusted in almost all standard lawn mowers. There is no issue of noise while trimming or mowing. Furthermore aftermath process is also easy, so one can easily clean blades after their work is finish. Main characteristics of blades are their superior cutting quality , their impressive thickness and stability which makes it a great investment.


Another set of good heavy duty Mulching blades is Max Power 331713X that is made up of American steel and carbon body and is one of the best mulching blade in the market. This blade is highly recommended because of its stability and less power consumption as it could be operated under low energy costs. These blades are really affordable and is one time investment as these mulching blades are long lasting. Apart from all these impressive features cutting branches and average size sticks is also possible with these mulching blades. Therefore they are highly recommended and is best choice for few acres of lands or lawns.


Stens 9PK mulching blades comes in a set of two and has paint coating that prevent rusting of blade and allows efficient and clean cutting of grass. The circumference of the blade comprises of different angle in its curvature, which is an important factor while trimming as the final cut of the grass mainly depends upon the region that is covered by the curvature of the blade. Although the cleaning process of blades is easy but one should be really consistent because these blades are sensitive to sticks, stones or any other dirt material except grass. So while mowing large areas or patchy land in rural areas proper cleaning process should be conducted